Feocious is featured as design 65 at my Youtube channel: BeatnikBlends

Well… today is February 2nd, only 12 days to Valentine’s day. I thought a nice idea to celebrate this holiday is to create all red designs. As you probably know, my favorite color is red. I think a perfect way for me to celebrate the holiday is to create a theme around my favorite color. I’m going to explore different shades of red. I really want to go deep. Very dark shades… Red is a passionate color. It symbolizes so much. You can go off the deep end with red or any color. Sometimes I can be quite obsessive when it comes to the loves of my life. Well… sometimes is putting it a little lightly. I think it’s ok to be adventurous with color. If it doesn’t work for others then that’s fine. At the end of this journey, I know I’m trying to explore how far I can go with color. How deep I can fall in love with color.

Each design in my Valentine’s day theme will have a one word title that will describe red in my eyes. Red can be very ferocious. Love can be ferocious. Have you ever loved a song so much you had it on repeat for hours? Have you tasted someone and instantly felt intoxicated, without a drop of alcohol in your body? Have you felt so much love for something that it would leave you at a lost if it wasn’t in your life anymore? Almost a violent state of mind? It can be anything… Red can be ferocious. My love for color can be ferocious.

I discovered a new album while looking for songs to use. I think I might use every song in the album for upcoming music videos. The album is called New 9.0. I highly recommend that you check it out, especially if you love electronic music.

I started this design on the 31st of January. I didn’t think about my Valentine’s day theme until after I started making this design. Initially, I was going down the blue route. While you’re watching the video, you will notice midway that I go into a new direction. I made two versions of this design. One is a lot darker than the other.

I hope you enjoy this design and my Valentine’s day theme. Show how much you love something or someone the next 12 days. Let’s experiment with love.

Tools to Create: Pencil and Paintshop Pro
Design Time: 2+ hours
Song in video: Don’t leave me by Adam Link
You can download the song here. The song is over 6 minutes. I highly recommend that you download it, so you can listen the song in full.

Thanks so much for visiting Beatnik83. ~ Katherine

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