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Created by Digital Abstract Artist Katherine Barnett

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[/column] [column type=”one-half” last=”true”] Welcome to the Philadelphia Travel Series Art Album Page! My name is Katherine Barnett and I created an art album that features designs from locations in Philadelphia, PA. You can watch the video album to your left to see all the designs I created.

As a token of my thanks for you stopping by to view my album, you have an opportunity to join my exclusive art list for free!

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I created 15 designs using Paintshop Pro for digital process and Sony Vegas to create the Speed Art music video. You can click on each name below to see how I created each design from beginning to end. I documented the whole journey on my blog and podcast. All designs were created from January 25th, 2015 to March 2nd, 2015.

[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] The Gazela
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Liberty Bell
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Old City
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Ben Franklin Bridge
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] South Street
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Penn’s Landing
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Rocky Statue
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Rodin Museum
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Art Museum
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Arch Street
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] 30th Street
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Locker Room
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Ballpark
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Dugout
[icon type=”chevron-circle-right”] Cheesesteak

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[button type=”real” shape=”square” size=”mini” href=”http://www.society6.com/beatnik83″ target=”_blank” title=”Click Here!”]Visit Katherine’s Art Shop![/button]

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If you like abstract art, please sign up to my exclusive list today! You have nothing to lose!

E-mail address:
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