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Welcome to the B83 Club Home Page! Below you will find exclusive content listed by category. New content will be posted weekly. Thanks so much for supporting my dream and I hope you enjoy the ride!

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B83 Art Archive

If you want to browse through my artwork instead of reading individual posts, visit the B83 Art Archive. I created this archive for instant access to all of my work. You can download whichever design you like for personal use only. There are currently over 450 designs in the archive. I have it organized in two categories and multiple subcategories.  

Final Designs: Original final versions of abstract art designs I created. Past designs have been posted online. Any future designs made after 1/1/18 will be shown for members only.

Click here to access Final Versions of B83 Designs.

Design Scraps: These designs are variations of final designs I created. Variations are differences in final color blends or textures. There are many designs that have more than 3 variations.  You might find some designs that you like more than the original. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)

Click here to access Design Scraps of B83 Designs.


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