Annapolis Travel Series Art Album

Here’s your first stop on an abstract art journey through Annapolis, MD.

This art film features a first drive in Annapolis. Continue the journey by watching speed art music videos featuring locations in Annapolis. Your next stop will be exploring an abstract twist of The Towne Centre in Annapolis, MD.

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About Lighthouse (Cape May Travel Series)

Created by Katherine Barnett

Lighthouse is the first art design that I created for my Cape Travel Series Art Album. This album features 5 art designs, 5 speed art music videos, and 1 video album.

Visiting the Lighthouse was a magical moment in time for me. Going to Cape May was a somewhat spontaneous moment for me.  The day was incredible to me. There were moments where I felt I was walking in Wonderland. Well… The lighthouse was my first stop in Cape May. I never been to a lighthouse. It took me close to 2 hours to get there. The weather was great at the time.

There was a part of me that felt nervous while taking photos. I wanted the perfect shot to play within paintshop. I was a little worried. I took so many pictures in different locations. The picture that I used as a base for this design was taken at the beach next the Lighthouse. I wasn’t too far away. I didn’t want to miss any part of the structure. I wanted the Lighthouse to take center stage.

While I was making the design, I did get stumped a few times. What I want to do is add my abstract drawings in every design. Makes it more unique and it adds a traditional spin on a digital design. I always loved the mixture. Most of the time the mixture causes chaos while blending. It’s harder to blend my drawings to photos. My focus was to create something that looks like a realistic fantasy beach atmosphere. I wanted it to be completely drenched with red, blue, white and yet have beach elements like sand. I think I was successful in executing my initial concept. I made several versions where red and blue are more dominant.

The abstract drawing felt like it was crashing the party but I really wanted it to be a cohost. If that makes sense… I know I will get better and that’s what I love about making these types of designs. It’s always a challenge. It’s so easy to blend the base with other textures and filters but to add another object that’s foreign to the base creates conflict.

The music video. I love it. Honestly, I think it’s one of my best. I made sure to carefully edit the frames. I think the background video is cool. I didn’t create the background video. I am a member of a website that offers motion video backgrounds. I love it! I do edit the background videos as well. Lots of customization. Making videos is a big challenge but I love the end result. It’s worth the added stress.

Thank you for visiting my website. If you want to continue exploring the Cape Travel Series, click on the button below. Your next stop on the journey is Emlen. My second abstract art music video for the album.

Download Designs Featured in Art Album

Download all variations of each design in the Annapolis Travel Series Art Album at full resolution size: Resolution size: 4608×2568. All designs are available to view and download for personal use only.  You are not allowed to claim my artwork as your own, remove my name on any art design, and you can not use my art for commercial purposes.




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