Words from a Dreamer

Again… I wrote hundreds of words and decided to abandon them… When I write for this blog, I feel compelled to be positive. Sometimes the darkness takes over me but not at this moment. I’m a dreamer. I love to dream wonderful dreams. I become a fanatic… Obsessed in wanting the dream to come true. I love every dream I’ve had of Paris. It’s made me love the city even more!  I have a deep love for Paris even though I haven’t step foot in that city. I think of the dreams I’ve had standing in front of the Eiffel Tower and running through the streets and it was pure happiness. It felt like splendor. The only time I ever felt like that in this reality was when I was on my travel series in Hartford and Cape May. Darkness tries to engulf me all the time. I am determined to have permanent splendor. The destinations are endless. So many places to explore… So many moments of splendor. I need to be on that path. Discovering endless beauty within nature.

I’m taking another risk and hopefully it works for me. Maybe I’m just a foolish, delusional dreamer living with dozens of failures and barely surviving. Or maybe another risk can work in my favor and I can start living my dream and everything I’ve went through would have been worth it in the end.  Every day I think about this journey and I’m determined to make it happen!!! This is the love of my life. I am not giving up and I know that I need to  look at things from a different perspective. I have to stay positive and disciplined. Or maybe I’m just insane…

I want to focus more on my short films and I want to dedicate most of my time to films. I’m going to cut the Annapolis album short. I’m not making new speed art videos and will focus on the short film. Hopefully I can start working on it this weekend. At some point, I will go back to speed art videos but I really want to explore adding motion to my designs. I love it… I love this journey and I want to dedicate my life to it. Endless Dreams… I’m a hopeless romantic when it comes to dreams.

The dream will come true and it’s going to be beautiful. I know it!

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