A Spontaneous Trip to Annapolis

Yesterday, I drove over 100 miles to Annapolis, Maryland. It was an overnight stay and now I’m back home. This trip was a random thought in the middle of a personal meltdown. I won’t go into many details but a lot has happened within the last month. To keep a long story very short: On Friday, I thought I needed to take some time off. I wanted to get as very far away as possible from where I was at the moment. At the time, I didn’t think I was going to get the time approved from work since it was very sudden. Once I was good to go, I thought why not continue this travel series even if it was only going to be for one day. I know it’s not Chicago but I have to move forward with the journey. Every place is a new and exciting adventure. I initially started planning to visit Delaware. I changed my mind during the weekend and I was scrambling until Monday night to plan what I was going to do. Annapolis was always going to be the place to visit for Maryland. Plus, if I was going to Delaware it would have been a shorter trip. Delaware is a lot closer to me than Maryland. I wanted to stay the night and Maryland was perfect since it’s not close but not far. It felt like a mini road trip. A taste to what’s to come perhaps? I hope so… I drove a little over 200 miles before when visiting Cape May but overall I did 289 miles. Driving back home took me almost 3 hours and that’s my longest drive to date. I definitely want to do this again. I’m crossing my fingers I can do at least three more trips before winter. I know it’s a crazy goal but I think I make it work. It costs a lot less to stay for one night.

I had a very nice time in Annapolis. It wasn’t on par with Hartford or Cape May but it was a lovely experience. The food was incredible. I had the best ribs ever at Red Hot and Blue. The food was worth the trip by itself. I visited a few places and definitely have some stories to tell. I will reserve them for the individual designs. I’m going to make at least 5 designs and one film. I was able to get a lot of wonderful video footage of Annapolis. It’s a great town. I think it’s a mix of Old City Philly and Cape May but looks like Downtown Hartford in some areas. Such a beautiful place… I want this album to be amazing. I already have plans for one particular design. I was definitely inspired by Annapolis.

I did record audio for a podcast episode. I’m only going to post episodes related to my travel series. I’m not sure if I’m going to create collections again. I did forget to feature music so I have to add that in when editing the episode. I should have that up in a few days. I talk a bit more about my time in Annapolis while at the hotel.

Two years ago today, I was in Hartford, CT and it’s incredible that on this day, I finished another trip and have a chance to make a new travel series album. I am very grateful and I hope I can continue this journey. Stay tuned…

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