Minutes before Brilliance

I see that the website is still here. Yay!!! lol…

Joking aside, I finished the main update for this website. I fixed every post I created from 2013 til now. I had to edit 20 pages worth of content! Lots of editing… and it’s not over yet.

What I want to do now is backtrack with older designs. My journey started in 2012 but this website started in December 2013. It shouldn’t have any effect on the appearance of this site since those designs are over 5 years old. Interesting… these posts are technically new here but old in my portfolio. I doubt anyone will venture that far back in blog posts within the next two to three weeks. I am aiming to have everything up by March. Once I’m finished, I have to start working on a landing page for my next album.

There’s still so much to do but I’m happy all the posts are fixed. No more old shortcodes and there’s a featured image on every post. I am aiming to update this blog at least once a month. Once I start making designs again (next travel series), there will be more content every month.

I have been craving another moment with color. I may make a design or two before my next trip. While editing, I revisited a lot of designs and I have some idea on a new design. I would like to play around with effects I haven’t used in a long time.

I’m still planning my Chicago trip. I hope to go in late March or early April. I am going to try my best to travel to Chicago and beyond this year. I really want 2019 to be epic. I would love to look back and smile the following year. I’m ready for the dream to become a reality for me. I want it so much. I love color so much.

The title… I’m writing this post minutes before watching the Superbowl and just randomly thought of the title now.

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