Château Bleu (Cape May Travel Series)

The Merry Widow Hotel is located at 42 Jackson St, Cape May NJ.

  • Music Video Created by Katherine Barnett (beantikblends)
  • Song in video: Day Bird by Broke For Free

It was close to end of making this video when I noticed how much I enjoy making speed art music videos. There have been times when making videos was a stressful experience and not fun. It’s nice to have the design flow with the beats. What I always try to do is find a pattern in the song. Most of the time it’s the chorus but with instrumental songs it’s much more fun. I always seem to find lots of sequences in songs that I can sync the design into, making it appear like it’s dancing to the beats. I should’ve started doing this years ago. But… I thought it was “impossible” then. I do have to step up the video quality. I have to get a larger resolution computer. The main difference between the speed art music videos and my films is live recordings. In every speed art music video you can see me creating the design from the beginning to the end. It’s all live but I do make edits after I record everything. Lots of edits!!! With the films, I can up the quality because I’m creating scripts from the finished design which is in a very high resolution. I’m still trying to figure out how I can record at a high resolution without getting a bigger monitor. I don’t think it’s possible but I could be overlooking something. This is the reason why music is so important. I must have listened to Day Bird a few dozen times to sync the beats to the live recording. I really love music that’s fast and beat driven. It took me 4 days to complete making the music video. I’m only working with a few hours during the work week. I’m not sure if I can make my deadline to complete the whole album video unless I throw everything together which I don’t want to do. However, at this point, I don’t think I will be heading to my next destination in December. I did try but it looks hopeless. I could do something that I really don’t want to do but I’ve had a few traumatic experiences and I don’t want to go down that road again.

The design itself… For once I had an easier time making the music video. This one was really tough! I was just stuck for a while on where to go with the blends. I want every design to have a sea town element, lots of light colors. It’s getting harder to make these designs. Overall, I am happy with the look of this design. I try not to stray too far from the original photo but I do love the alternate version more than the original. The reason why I called this design Château Bleu is for two reasons. First: I’m trying to become fluent in French. I’ve been studying off and on for almost two years. I am nowhere near fluent but every day there’s something new to learn and hopefully one day I will become fluent. Je parle un peu francais. Château Bleu means blue castle in French. After my lovely lunch from The Mad Batter, I was walking towards Washington Street Mall. I saw the house you see on the left. That’s the original photo. To be really honest, I had no idea of the exact location at the time. I was following Google Directions to get back to my car. I knew I was in Washington Street Mall and had to take some photos. I didn’t pay attention to street names or names of buildings. I was simply in the moment. I had particular destinations that I wanted to reach. Originally, I hadn’t planned on making this design but I love the house structure and knew I had to work on it. After I thought of the name of the design, I looked up where the house was located. The house is actually a hotel called The Merry Widow. Such a cool name!! It’s located on 42 Jackson St. You can’t miss it if you decide to travel to Cape May and visit Washington Street Mall.

One thing I absolutely love about this travel series is discovering new places and architecture. I know I said this before but it felt like I was in Wonderland the whole time. It was such a wonderful and magical experience for me. I only wish I travel more often but maybe one day this travel series will be a full time venture. For now… I have to settle on my bite size pieces. I have one more music video to make and it features the lunch I had at The Mad Batter restaurant. That’s going to be a fun blog post to write.

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