Mall Drive (An Abstract Art Film Production)

  • Film Details
  • Created by Katherine Barnett (beatnikblends)
  • Start/End Dates: May 28th 14th, 2018 to June 09th, 2018
  • Music in Video: Cycles by Audionautix
  • Filming Locations: Plymouth Meeting Mall, PA. and Montgomery Mall, PA.

Mall Drive is the longest story video I ever made so far in my career as an artist and video producer. I’ve been making music videos for years.  I recently started adding animation to my speed art videos.  Now I can add motion to my abstract art designs. I can create an alternate reality where I can explore color and nature. The blends are alive now and it feels incredible. Bits of the dream become part of this reality.

Making this video was truly a challenge.  The process in making the video is creating an abstract drawing and blending it with video footage to create an individual design that’s in motion. I used video footage of my drive from Plymouth Meeting Mall to Montgomery Mall in Pennsylvania. Overall it took me 10 days to complete the video. I edited over 1900 photos. I don’t know how many hours but I spent any free time I had towards making this video. A few nights up to 2 and 3 in the morning. The original footage was 23 minutes long. It would be nice to make something that long but that would probably take me months to put together.  The abstract drawing I made you see at the very beginning. It looks like it’s part of the clouds. The drawing blends with the scenery throughout the video.

I’m actually in Montgomery Mall right now writing this post. I finished the video two days ago. I made three versions testing out different variations of the initial design I made. The one you see above is the original. A friend told me that the second version was better. I will be posting that version as well soon. I do like the original slightly more than the second version but I love them both.  The third version is a secret version.  I added the song I really wanted to use in that video. I can’t post that one. The third version is very bold in color.  There’s tons of purple in that video. It’s too much but I still love it. There were some parts in the video where you can’t see cars on road. I really wanted the finished video to look like someone was driving on a road. I didn’t want the blends to completely take over and nothing is clear. It would be too abstract… I love abstract but I think it’s best to restrain at times in this reality.

The video itself looks a lot better on my computer. I don’t know what’s going on with Youtube. It seems more blurred to me. For the next video, I will make the designs and video footage at a different resolution. Hopefully, it will look better.

It’s taken me years to get this point in my work. I thought making videos like this was literally impossible several years ago. I watched the finished version after I was done and  I knew this was my true purpose. It’s limitless on what I can do with color and adding motion to it opens up a lot of possibilities for me. It’s an endless adventure exploring color.

There’s so much more I want to do. So many places I would like to go. So many blends to explore… I will continue the journey. Maybe one day the dream will become reality.

Interesting… I find myself constantly editing my words to remain positive on this website. I can’t wait until I start working on the next video.

Insanity has clarity…

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