When Insanity Has Clarity

Well… I wrote 800 words just now and deleted it. I was talking about a recent revelation I had about my work and life. It was very negative and depressing. I want to remain positive on this website. I’ll save those words for another blog. I do want to go into some detail about my revelation. I want to change this website in a big way. I want to see how far I can go in the dream direction. Explore that realm of color. I don’t have much to promote my work but I only hope it’s enough to continue going down this path.

It’s either the dream or nothing…

So, in saying that I’m devoting the next three months towards building my new shop and story video series. I already started working on my new story video. The story is basically a small trip to the mall.  I have to design 2000 photos. I made one design that I wasn’t happy with when I made a sample video with 300 photos converting it to video. My abstract design was too obvious in the video. I stopped and made another design that I think is interesting. It’s going to take me quite some time to put the video together. It’s a long and tedious process but I think I can do it. In time, I hope I can automate this process but that will take lots of money to develop a new program. One day…

My estimate to finish the video is June 8th. It should be around 3 minutes long and it’s going to be my longest story video to date.

I will continue the Cape May Travel Series. I will try to finish that as well before July. Hopefully… The album is going to be very different from Hartford and Philadelphia. There’s going to be a combination of speed art video and bits of travel footage.

By September 1st, I hope to create at least 5 story videos. Devoting most of the time towards this goal. I want to become the dream. I think it about it every day and now it’s time to live it the best way I can. Or at least try….


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