Roller Coaster: An Abstract Art Motion Video

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been working on two videos and also a landing page for my mailing list. One video I made to promote the list and the other video is an exclusive video for anyone who joins the list to view. I love both of them. The videos are very short, less than 30 seconds. The one you see above is called Roller Coaster. The video quality is not at its best. It looks a lot better on my computer. I don’t understand why it was rendered this way on Youtube. There are lots of bold colors in this one. The colors are dark and loud but you can still see what’s happening at the moment. One of my main challenges is to be more subtle and versatile with color. I don’t like certain colors and I tend to gravitate to blue and purple. I used to really hate purple but I began to love the blends I found that were drenched in purple. Now, I really like using purple. I love using loud colors but I will continue to challenge myself to be more subtle and use more colors that I don’t like to use often like brown, yellow and green. Maybe one day I’ll start to love green as much I love purple.

The process creating story videos is very different from making speed art videos yet similar. I used a frame from the video to create a base design. The video itself is stock footage. Soon, I will make road trip videos from my own footage. A few days ago, I recorded travel footage using a new phone mount. Whenever I made videos with my older mount, you could always see the dashboard. Now it’s a lot better. I took 20 minutes worth of video. A lot more than 1 minute of stock footage. It’s going to take a lot of time to make a video. Applying the design to the whole video is a long and tedious process that I would like to automate in the future. I’m not sure if you do can what I’m doing in adobe after effects. I’m sure there’s a way that I haven’t figured out yet. I’m still a beginner with that program. I know there are many filters you can use. You can probably do anything your imagination desires with that program. But for now, I’m going to stick with my method. What I love is that textures play a big role in making story videos. Speed art videos you see the process in creating a design but the story video showcases the finished design and adds motion. You can really see the textures in the video. The design comes alive and I love it! This is what I always wanted. Imagination in motion… The main goal is to create short films. It will definitely take a really long time, especially if I’m using my current method. One day I’ll have my own program that will help me do everything I need.

Color has always been the main focus for me. Roller Coaster provided a challenge because I wanted to go in the brown direction. I wasn’t finding anything that I liked. I can spend hours trying to find the perfect color blend. After a while, I started to become frustrated. I don’t like to spend too much time on a design. If I spent days or weeks on one design there wouldn’t be much content here. I don’t like to sacrifice quality with quantity. Honestly, I think I’ve done that with some designs in the past, especially doing the 30-day design challenge. I made many designs during the challenge that I hated. Also, if I spend too much time the base can easily get lost in the blends and the design becomes a mess. There has to be a balance between quality and quantity. I’m still working on it. I spend so much time working with color and I want to love the journey. I like the design a lot. It looks like a strange pop song.

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