Abstract Carriage (Cape May Travel Series)

Abstract Carriage is located at The Moon Struck Boutique: 503 Lafayette St, Cape May NJ.

  • Music Video Created by Katherine Barnett (beantikblends)
  • Song in video: Word Up by Jahzzar

My first stop after the lighthouse was Washington Square Mall. I found a great parking spot at the Cape May Elementary school, which is a few blocks away. There’s free parking there during the summer months. The parking lot was deserted, which was awesome. I didn’t want to run into any parking problems. I like to be as prepared as I can be while traveling. Anyway… while driving towards the school, I was loving the scenery. I’m starting to really love the beach. It’s light, calm, and relaxing and the colors in the architecture reflect that meaning to me. Lots of white…  Light blues, browns, and pinks.  Color has a part in everything. There are a lot of structures that have the same colors of the beach. It blends perfectly with that vibe. Maybe it was just a moment in time… It felt perfect to me. Maybe I was in wonderland for a brief moment or maybe I’m just delusional. Who knows… Who really knows…

Well… back on my road to the mall and after a passing an Acme I saw a carriage in front of the store. It instantly reminded of Cinderella. It was awesome and the moment felt oddly magical for me. It was a beautiful site. Very whimsical… I love it!

I knew I had to take a picture of this place. At the time it didn’t dawn on me to figure out the name of the store. I had to look it up and I love the name. Moon Struck Boutique. It’s an awesome name and I wish I went inside. When I go back to Cape May I will definitely check out the store.

When I was looking at the photos, I started thinking twice about doing a design with this base. I wanted to highlight the carriage but there’s a lot of space around it. I didn’t take a good photo. However… I wanted to try to make something since the centerpiece of the photo is great. So… I did and it took several days to complete this design. One of my main challenges is having more visibility with the main object. I’m happy with the design but I feel like I could have done better. I don’t know. Something feels off. I wanted the carriage to be more prominent but I feel good about the colors. I like every version I made of this design. Overall I think it’s a great addition to the album. I am very behind on a personal goal to complete this album. It’s taking longer than expected. I am determined to finish.

The music video. I haven’t had the best luck lately with making videos. It’s been taking me a lot of time. This time it wasn’t too bad. I’m still aiming to finish a video in a day. It was much easier in the past but… the videos look so much better now. I can’t wait to upgrade my computer and really step up my game.

I was on the fence on name titles. What I really wanted to call this design was Moon Struck Carriage but that was too long. A nice alternative is Abstract Carriage.

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