Happy New Year!

I’m extremely late… I wanted to post something here before the end of January. I’m close to finishing my design archive for the membership section. I already posted over 100 designs in the archive. I want to keep everything organized. A lot of my artwork is scattered everywhere which is not good. It has been challenging to build the membership section of this site. I would like to add every design I created from 2012 until now. The hardest part was adding security to videos. I’m hosting full length videos on Amazon. I’ve been working on it for a while. If anyone visited this site around this time, which I seriously doubt, then you probably noticed the changes. At some point, I will change this entire layout of this website. It’s expensive to do what I really want to do with the website design.

After I post my designs, I will continue finishing my Cape May Album. The goal is to finish everything before I go to Chicago in March. There’s so much I need to do. I have to start planning the trip soon. I would like to have everything up on Saturday night. It’s going to be hard since I’m still posting designs from 2015. I have to add copyright information on designs and fix design titles. It’s small editing but tedious.

I must admit… today was an interesting day. I started writing about it and after a paragraph, I stopped. I was going to talk about a negative experience I had. However, life has been a constant sequence of negative experiences, especially recently. I am 100 percent focused on becoming one with this dream. No one believes it will happen but I did have a piece of it already. I hope I never forget the moments I had in Hartford and Cape May. I want to continue my travels. I want to believe that this year is my beginning to living a dream. I will remain positive here. It’s all about color here. I will keep going.

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