Leveled Up!

Well… I’m just in shock. After months of saving money, I was able to get a car. I didn’t think it was going to happen anytime soon. It’s been disastrous searching for a car, definitely not a pleasant experience. This time the process was wonderful. I still don’t believe it. I am so incredibly thankful that I was able to get this car. This changes the game a bit. I have more options and that’s just a beautiful thing. I added more points to the game board. I’m now at level one! If you want to know more details or want to play yourself, click here. This game has always been a risk but life is a risk. I’m daring myself to win this game and achieve every goal. This is an interesting time. I have to keep moving forward.

Speaking of moving forward… My plan is to travel to Cape May on August 26th. I would love to go before summer ends. I’m behind schedule for my travel series. I would like to get back on track. I believe that can happen. Anything can happen… That’s the beautiful yet most terrifying thing about life. I have to keep fighting to become the dream. I will try to remain positive on this website. I don’t want every post to be sad. Every part of this site is a dream. Every day I’m battling to become the dream where every moment is a wonderful dream. It will happen. I’m starting to believe.

I’ve been working on creating video footage with my designs. I create a small looped video. It takes a lot of time to create these types of videos. I would love to create a program that automates this process. The main goal is to create a program that can do everything I need. I used 78 photos to create this video footage design. That’s what I ‘m going to call these videos. I made a design script that’s used for each photo but that’s only one component to the process. It’s really challenging but I love the end result. It would be awesome to create a movie that I could submit to a festival. It could happen. There’s nothing wrong with aiming high.

This is what I love to do for my Cape May Album. However… I don’t think I’ll have a program created in a month, even if I had the cash, which I don’t. I would love to use this style of creating videos for my Chicago Album. I will do what I can to make it happen. So far this year has been my most adventurous. Moments have been frightening, exhilarating, yet simply amazing. It’s only August. There’s still time to do so much more. It would be incredible to be in Chicago on my birthday. I only hope I can continue this journey. To have an opportunity to become the dream, creating an alternate reality that’s drenched in eccentric color blends would feel like heaven to me.

“Living the dream baby… Living the dream!”  David Aames

To have a chance to say that would be unreal!

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