Dream Warrior Game

I love playing video games. I love to aim for perfection. I try to get as many trophies as possible. I thought recently to create a game that featured everything I want to do in my life that I have control over. That’s the key… Control. I can’t control if anyone visits this website. I can’t control if anyone likes my work. I can’t control the outside perspective. What I can control is what I want to do with my work. There are certain things I would like to accomplish in my life. One of the main reasons why I would stop working on my art in the past was because of the outside perspective. My artwork is not selling. My artwork looks chaotic. It has no structure. It doesn’t look like art. I can’t control how someone views my work. Even if I place hundreds of dollars in advertising to build an email list, I can’t control how many people are going to read my emails. I can’t control if someone unsubscribes. What I can control is how much time I invest into this website. I can control where I want to go for my next travel series. There’s a big difference. I am not working on this website for approval from others. It would be nice if people like my work but if no one likes it or if no visits this website that’s fine. It will no longer stop me from trying to become the dream. That’s what the game is about. I want to force myself to stay on track. Despite setbacks, harsh criticisms, people who don’t believe in me, and etc. The outside perspective has nothing to do with my mission.

So… I started working on this game all last week. I started listing things I wanted to accomplish on a notepad file and then moved everything onto a spreadsheet. I have formulas for game totals. I’m calling this game Dream Warrior because if I can add points to the game then I’m accomplishing a goal and living my dream. It’s a serious challenge for me and if I can beat this game then I will become a Dream Warrior.

I will edit and update the game frequently. I have to add Post Game Totals but there’s no rush to do that right now. Why am I posting this? Mainly for accountability. To keep a record on this website. Everything I listed is part of my dream life. I want to accomplish everything. It was easy to create the list but I know it’s going to hard, almost impossible to beat the game. I don’t know… I hope I can. Then there’s this reality… The random things that happen that can cause setbacks. The whole point is that I have faith that it can happen and that’s why I’m going for it. I created a separate excel file if anyone wants to play along. I should have an awesome party at my gallery once I beat the game. Right now that sounds crazy but it’s even crazier not to try to beat this game.

If you want to play… Please post your progress here. I would love to see anyone playing the game. Also, please do not remove or edit the game totals section. That’s key to totaling all of your experience points for the game. Below, I included my current game board. You can see that I’m still at level 0. You can use that as a guide to creating your own game board. I also included a blank game board where you can start from scratch. You are free to download and edit the game boards.

You don’t have to be an artist to create your own version of this game. If you want to be an awesome photographer or writer, you can play this game. The only requirement is an ultimate dream. You can build the game around that dream. That’s exactly what I did. I hope it can help. I think it’s good to have a clear focus on what you want and go for it. This game provides clarity and direction. It’s up to you to make the decision to play the game. It’s time to really start fighting for the dream life.

Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around! ~ Sofia Serrano

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