Determination and Sacrifice

I mentioned in the last blog post that I’m planning a trip to Hartford, CT. It’s going to be my first stop outside of my hometown for my travel series. I initially planned to do Airbnb but I hit a huge setback. I found a perfect place but I was declined to book a reservation by the host. Honestly, it took me by surprise but I’m happy it happened. I knew this trip wasn’t going to be easy to plan. What I’m learning throughout the past two years is that anything can happen. Literally… I’ve encountered horrible situations and what I have come to realized is that I have to keep moving forward despite my feelings. I had a different impression on Airbnb. However, I can’t let this sudden change in plans stop me from making this trip happen. So I have to make a big sacrifice.

I originally wanted stay at hotels throughout my trips because I love hotels. I thought it would be a cheaper alternative to do Airbnb. However, if I can’t find a suitable place to stay because of check in times or if the host doesn’t like me for whatever reason then that’s a problem. So… I have to rearrange my budget and go back to my original idea. Every day is a learning experience. Yesterday, I learned that I can’t let any setback stop me in making this travel series happen.

Since I have to book a hotel, I won’t have enough funding to get the camera that I wanted for the trip. I have to rely on my phone or perhaps get a cheaper camera. The hotel I want to stay at is completely out of my budget but I don’t have another option. I searched for other Airbnbs but none of them fit with my schedule or were close enough to downtown Hartford. Other than this setback, everything is still on track.

I’m in the process of getting my podcast back online. I’m going to publish the old episodes on youtube instead of podomatic. Going back on podomatic would be an extra expense that I can’t afford right now. Plus, I think libsyn is a better option. What I’m going to do is set up a new podcast. Well… It’s going to be more of a reboot instead of a new podcast. I don’t want to start all over again because I made over 30 episodes. There’s a lot of content. I’m going to add a nice visual background for the podcast videos. There’s a youtube kit on videohive that I want to buy to create really beautiful intros and outros.

Hopefully a month from now, I’ll be in Hartford. I will do what I can to make this album happen. If I have to make more changes and sacrifices then I will. I’m going to try my best for this album to be successful. I want to start living my dream. I already miss my first deadline and I don’t want to miss anymore. This is the time.

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