Podcast Episode 25: Saying Goodbye To Hope

Welcome to Episode 25 of Beatnik83 Podcast! In this episode, I feature an art collection dedicated to Triangles. I briefly talk about how much I love for triangles when making art and geometric shapes. Recently, my community on Google Plus hit a new benchmark of 300 members. It’s wonderful and I extremely appreciate anyone who joins the community. I’m trying to master making portraits and I’m focusing on different parts of the human face. I made a design yesterday that features an attempt to make an eye. I also talk about the uncertainties and puzzles that life has been throwing at me. The two songs featured in this episode are Flying Alaska V.2 by Everlone and Erinnerung by Haute Culture. Thanks so much for listening to this podcast! ♥ Katherine

Motivational video of the week: Hard Times by Motivation Days

Below are all the links that I talk about throughout the episode. If you love the songs featured in the podcast, download them and support the artist! Thanks so much!

Links Featured on Episode 25

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