Thirty Days – 30 Day Design Challenge Completed

Challenge Completed! 30 Designs + 30 Music Videos made in 30 days!

It’s a great feeling to accomplish this goal. I thought I was completely out of my mind in the beginning. It was hard, extremely challenging, and very stressful but I’m happy to say that I conquered this challenge. It wasn’t easy but now I feel empowered to do just about anything creatively. I honestly feel a little bit of disbelief. I had doubts and breakdowns throughout this challenge but I’m so happy that I didn’t give up. I’m closer to my 100 speed art video goal. I’m steps closer to my dreams.

Recently, I’ve been trying to dedicate some time into visualization. I picture myself in a new home and in Paris. I saw a video recently about how powerful visualization can be in life. I’ve been lucid dreaming for years. What I’m trying to do is visualize for a few minutes every day before I go to bed and in the morning. Two nights ago, I had a dream that I was on a plane but I don’t remember where I was going. I’m confident it was related to a travel series. I think the dream was a direct result of what I was thinking about right before I went to bed. If I can create dreams and have full awareness, every night could be bliss. I can spend my nights in Paris. I know this sounds crazy but I think it could be possible. I have to train my mind to make it happen.

The reason why I’m talking about visualization is because there have been several times where I had serious doubts but chose to believe that this day would come. I had faith that I would create 30 designs. I refused to accept failure. I feel if I can accomplish this feat, all I need is faith that I will one day start my travels. Today is truly a wonderful day. A genuine happy moment in my life. I’m so happy to complete this challenge.

You can watch all 30 Videos at my Youtube Channel. I made a playlist dedicated to the challenge.

I also made a separate blog category for the challenge. You can read more details about how I felt at the time and how I created designs throughout the challenge. There are several designs throughout the challenge that I haven’t posted anywhere else except on this site. My favorite designs were Abstract Pie, Bionic Sally, Remote Control, and Color Roamer.

I used a pencil again for the design I made today. I really like adding objects in my designs. It’s nice to play with pencils. I like the colors and the textures are spot on. I was worried about that because my last design wasn’t too successful. I used a lot of different colors throughout the challenge. I feel like I went down a few roads I haven’t traveled before with color.

This challenge was an awesome ride for me. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to start and finish this challenge. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with color! Since this challenge is officially completed, I will be taking a week off. After that, I will be dedicating the rest of May in creating digital portraits. I hope you like this design and the music video.

If you like to support my work, you can share this page with your friends and family. I am forever grateful to anyone that visits this website. ♥ Katherine…

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