Bionic Sally – Day 26 of 30 Day Design Challenge

My last venture into portraits was a disaster. I was really upset but in retrospective I’m happy I made the design. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have made this one, which I think is better than the first portrait design I made. As I stated before, I wanted to start making portraits during this challenge. I wanted to use a different approach. I would have liked to use a photo of someone. I would make a rough sketch of the photo. In Paintshop, I would blend the sketch and the photo together. Sadly, I didn’t receive any requests for a portrait. I used my rough sketches by themselves to create the design.

I am not good at drawing portraits. I like to sample with abstract drawings. I’ve been watching a couple of videos on youtube to help me. What I don’t like is the technical aspects of making a face. Feels like everything is about proportions and I like to draw without limits. Make something that looks crazy, weird, and sometimes three dimensional. I did make a 3d face almost 2 years ago. In May, I would like to work on more portraits. One thing, I love about art is the constant challenge. It’s frustrating but I like that my current work is diverse.

While I made the last design, I was working with rotating mirror. I found a nice effect on the portrait. I didn’t use it because I didn’t want to distort the portrait at the time. For this design, I thought to test how good the design looked if I used rotating mirror. I am happy I went in this direction. The portrait looks robotic to me but I can still see a face. It looks different. I love the look because it feels more me. It’s a lot more abstract and odd. I definitely want to make more portraits like this in the future.

Well… I’m close to the end of my design challenge. Only 4 more designs to make. I am very happy that I made it this far without missing several days. The goal is to have 30 designs and 30 music videos up before May 1st. This challenge has been very difficult but I’m on track. May 1st is going to be a nice day if all goes well.

On to day 27!!!

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