Notepad – Day 21 of 30 Day Design Challenge

I am tired and exhausted. I started this design very late. I wanted to work with circles again. With the drawing, I made a swirl and a box inside the swirl. I played around with the drawing using rotating mirror. I found a nice effect but midway into making the design, I played around with rotating mirror again with the drawing. I like how the drawing looks now in the design.

I called this design Notepad because the lines in the background reminded of a notepad. It was a strange and random thought at the time. I had some problems with the music video. One of the recording files I had was somehow corrupted. Thankfully it wasn’t the file that had most of the design process. However, the beginning is not in the video. You can’t see the original drawing I made. I may post it on social media. I’m not sure at the moment. I have no idea how the file became corrupted. I had no problem playing the file but movie maker wouldn’t publish the video unless it was removed. One thing I hate about that program is that it doesn’t tell you what’s wrong. The program gave me a vague error message. I saw a strange message when I moved the file to my flash drive. Once I removed the video, I was able to publish the movie. I also hate that I can’t edit everything in Sony Vegas. That’s a long story that I explained in previous blog posts. I rather not work with movie maker at all. In my opinion, it’s a horrible program.

Honestly, I want this challenge to be over. I’m getting more frustrated. I have to do other things during the day and now I’m having a really hard time managing everything I need to do. I also realized that I have to push back something important I have to do because of this challenge. I don’t want to say this is a mistake but I’ve been upset a lot more recently. I’m trying hard to be optimistic here but I feel extremely sad. I feel like crying all day. I wish there was some type of sign to indicate I’m on the right track with my art. Something feels off…

Overall, I do love the colors in this design. Despite the fact that I’m not having a great time with this challenge, I feel good about the colors. I hope you like this design.

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