Lost Portal – Day Three of 30 Day Design Challenge

I promised myself I wasn’t going to start so late again today. However, today was literally a mess! I woke up feeling horrible. I had a really bad headache and my stomach was feeling weird. I am going to try hard to start designs before 7pm. I am scared for Monday. I have to record episode 19 of my podcast and that whole process takes a couple of hours. I feel if I can get my podcast done, make a music video, work on some other stuff, and make a design, then I can do almost anything in one day. I have to get past Monday!

Anyway… I had a blast while making this design. Initially, I was going to take a photo of a tv remote with the drawing. However, I couldn’t get a great shot. I think it’s better take photos in natural light. I couldn’t block out my hands in the photo. I don’t have this problem during the day. Thankfully, I made two drawings yesterday in the day time. I will play with the remote in the next design. I wanted to stray from red and yellow in this design because the last two designs featured those colors. There’s lots of blue and purple in this design and I love it. I did make one version that was red and yellow at the end. I was playing around with a color effect in Paintshop and when I saw the red and yellow combination, I immediately saved it. I don’t like yellow but it can work well in some designs.

The title… I was “lost” on a title for several minutes. I suddenly thought that the design looks like a portal. Perhaps a color portal that could led to a different reality. I like to believe there are other realities in this world. It would be very cool to be in a reality where you can direct color through your fingers. Have it stream from your body and create destinations. I think for me that reality would be the perfect afterlife. Can you imagine dancing with endless color surrounding your body and dancing with you? It’s an amazing thought. I just love color so much! I was going to call this design color portal but my last design is called color traffic and I don’t want to sound repetitive on design titles.

It’s almost midnight and I have 27 more days to go in this challenge. If I can complete this challenge, I will smile all day on May 1st. I’m smiling now just thinking about it! It’s an achievement that right now I think is close to impossible. I just have to get past Monday to feel more confident that I can complete this challenge.

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