Parenthesis – Day One of 30 Day Design Challenge

Today is the first day of my design challenge! I am very nervous but I’m determined to complete this challenge successfully. My goal is create new art every day in April.

I did something completely different in this design. When I finished my drawing, I took a picture of it with the pencil I used. I thought maybe I can do something with the pencil in Paintshop. I did take another picture of the design without the pencil as backup, if I didn’t like the direction. As soon as I used rotating mirror on the image, I instantly loved it! I knew I was going to have some fun with this design.

It was challenging to keep the pencil intact throughout the design. Towards the end, I found another finishing texture that I love. I think it looks better than the last texture I created. I’m really happy with the colors. I think the design, in terms of color blends, looks kind of odd but still mesh well. I love experimenting with different color blends. There were some directions I could have taken but I didn’t feel right about the colors. Certain blends have to look and feel right for me. I’m trying to be more open minded with particular color blends.

I am going to try to work with more objects in my work. I feel it adds more dimension to my drawings. Maybe I can always add my pencil or eraser in the drawing, as a signature. I added a shadow around the pencil to give it more depth. I hope you can see that. The reason why I called this design parenthesis is because the pencils in the design look like a parenthesis. My drawing is inside the parenthesis pencils. I really like the layers in this design. I hope you like this design.

  • Time to create: 3+ Hours
  • Tools: Pencil and Paintshop Pro
  • Song in video: Oceanica by Avaren

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