Podcast Episode 15: Art Album Setbacks, Mental Breakdowns, and Staying Focused

Welcome to Episode 15 of Beatnik83 Podcast! In this episode, I talk about my recent art collection dedicated to Vegetables. The weekly art winner for the Art Promoter community on Google+ is Luca Martini for his Aldo Moro piece. I am currently creating my video album for my Philadelphia travel series. I’m making slow progress and behind in schedule. The past week was horrible which led to a small mental breakdown. I go into some details about that and moving forward with my work. There are two electronic songs featured in this episode by Jahzzar. Thanks so much for listening to this podcast! ♥ Katherine

Motivational video of the week: Prove Them Wrong by Absolute Motivation

Below are all the links that I talk about throughout the episode. If you love the songs featured in the podcast, download them and support the artist! Thanks so much!

Links Featured on Episode 15

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