Old City (Philadelphia Travel Series)

Old City is a design featuring the last photo I took in part one of my travel series. At the time, my feet were hurting me badly. I was walking around for over an hour, without rest. I didn’t stop anywhere for food and I was seriously tempted. Thinking about it now, I don’t know why I didn’t stop. I could have taken pictures of food for the album. I walking towards Front and Market and while waiting for a light to turn green, my eyes locked on a building with a fire escape. I thought the whole block was perfect to showcase Old City. You can find lots of gems in Old City. Great buildings, restaurants, apartments, etc. It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

After almost 3 years of recording videos, I figured out how to hide the Program window. Before I started recording back in 2012, I never was concerned with seeing Paintshop Pro. Now it always nags me when I see it in music videos. Removing the window gives me a little extra space to work within Paintshop. However, there’s a big problem. Whenever I switch windows, the image moves to the far right of the screen. I can’t change it unless I bring back the program window. I can go back and forth. I wouldn’t mind it too much but I think it would cause problems with music videos. Back to square one.

Towards the end of making this design, my eyes were straining badly. I wanted to do something crazy to see if it might add some pop to the design. I started playing around with a geometric effect. I think it adds more texture to the design. I really love blending different textures together to see how it affects the atmosphere.

I wanted to do something different with the music video. The song starts off relatively slow before 1:03 hits. I cut the speed by half until 1:03. I think it adds more pop to video. In the future, I think I might tinker with more with speed. It’s a bit tricky to do on movie maker. Every time I change the speed, the video freezes up in the timeline when I play it back. I really do wish I can edit everything in Sony Vegas, not just the intro and outro. Despite the small problems, I am really happy with this music video. I think it’s one of my top favorites. I really do love Our Ego by Broke For Free. It’s an awesome song. I hope you like the video and the design.

  • Time to create: 3+ Hours
  • Tools: A Photo of Old City Neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA and Paintshop Pro
  • Song in video: Our Ego by Broke For Free

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