Beatnik Apartment

Step inside the beatnik apartment… Where color is worshiped, obsessively explored, admired, and loved beyond comprehension. It was past 2:30am when I finished this design. I know at this moment I feel odd and nuts for doing this design. I had a single thought race in my mind. I am not going to sleep until I reach a sweet spot. I feel I was a bit delirious at one point. My eyes were hurting me and I needed sleep. Thinking I had to get up around 8am didn’t help. I started working on this design a little after 10:30pm, thinking at the time I was just going to do a speed run. When midnight hit, I knew I was nowhere near done with this design.

The colors are dark, very dark. I pushed myself to add more dimension to this design. I started with a simple house sketch. Very simple sketch… At the end, I hope you can see many layers in this design. I hope you can see depth within the house. I also hope you can still see some form of the house. It’s a challenge to work with neutral colors. Grey is hard for me but when I saw the combination with purple, I was hooked. I made several variations. Some variations go very deep into the realm of purple.

I didn’t want a design that was all blue or certain hue of purple. I was desperate for a challenge in this design. However, I was feeling so tired I wanted to give up halfway in. Normally, I’m a night owl but I did a lot stuff on Sunday.

I made two versions of this design that are just nuts. Those designs are separate from the original and I will feature them in my art album. I love them because you can see grey a lot more in one of the designs. I will be featuring the first two designs on google plus. I know the design looks weird. I do hope you like the design regardless. I hope you love the colors. It was a great ride to be on despite being somewhat delirious at the end of it.

  • Time to create: 3+ Hours
  • Tools: Pencil and Paintshop Pro
  • Song in video: Lucie est malade by Le Matin

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