O Superman Hoagie

A texture chaos… I think that sums up this design perfectly. I stopped recording this design about 3 hours before I finished. Texture will always be a big problem for me. It’s the most challenging part in what I do. I want to add as many blends and patterns as possible, without losing the purpose behind the design. However for me, color and texture don’t mix well. It’s like oil and vinegar in my work. The colors can be perfect but I add so many textures and patterns along the way, the ending texture can be a mess. Literally… It’s truly a balancing act.

This design was made from a Italian Hoagie that I ordered for lunch & dinner, about a week ago. I took a picture of it and began playing with it in Paintshop. Very similar to what I did for a Tuna Sandwich.  When I start my travels, I will love to sample more with food. I don’t eat much food with variety. Due to a limited budget, ordering food is a luxury. I usually eat Tuna Sandwiches every day. Surprised, I’m not sick of it yet. I guess I should say if I start my travels, but I’m going to be optimistic and have more faith.

The reason why I’m calling this design O Superman Hoagie is because I was listening to O Superman by Laurie Anderson. While I was making this design, I had this song on repeat for several hours. I recently discovered Laurie Anderson while watching a Imogen Heap video on youtube. Strange, I never heard of her until now. Someone left a comment talking about Laurie Anderson, on her video. I don’t remember the exact words but I was curious if she sounded similar to Imogen Heap. The first song I found was From the Air. I love that song but when I saw the O Superman video, I was hooked. She’s awesome… She seems very experimental with sounds and her voice.

I originally was going to feature this design as part of the contest I was entering. Maybe it’s fate that I didn’t participate. I wouldn’t have finished in time or explored more blends. I don’t like to rush with a design. If it’s going to take me a few days then that’s fine. I don’t like too spend much time but I’m willing to compromise to find a good blend.

I really love the colors in this design. I didn’t want to lose the shape of the hoagie. I did make several variations of this design. I was thinking about creating a gallery on this website that showcases all of my artwork. I thought about this while searching for a song to use for my music video. It took me a day to find a suitable song. I think it’s the hardest part in making the music video. I need to find something that matches the design. I also wanted to find a song that was kind of similar to O Superman.  The song I found is somewhat similar with certain beats. While I was searching for songs, I found 5 songs to use for future songs. I wish I could use O Superman. I really hope you can see all the textures and patterns in this design. I also hope you like the music video as well.

  • Time to create: 10+ Hours
  • Tools: A pic of an Italian Hoagie and Paintshop Pro
  • Song in video: Uncle Remus Arcade Fire by Krackatoa

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