Synth Pop Girl

Color… It’s always a challenging yet sweet road to travel. Synth Pop Girl was definitely a challenge. At the two hour mark, I was going to leave the design complete and move on. However, something felt missing and I couldn’t shake the feeling. I didn’t want purple or blue to be the main focus in this design. I love to shake things up. I like going down different roads of color and the design felt too safe.

Around midnight, I stared at the design again and started tweaking it. I played around with textures. Initially, I wasn’t planning to do that because I had the perfect texture. I added more effects and continued working with the design. Another issue I had was the pencil sketch. I wasn’t too happy with how the sketch was blending into the effects. I was beginning to love the colors but the pencil sketch was disappearing. I hate when the pencil sketch is not prominent in the design. At this point, I refused to completely abandon the design, so I continued blending until I found the right balance.

The dominant colors remained purple and blue but the design is loud in color which I love. I am not a big fan of subtlety when it comes to designing. I made a twirling circling motion effect using kaleidoscope and spiky halo in Paintshop. The finished design looks like a stereo speaker and I love it, despite all the challenges I encountered.

I titled this design Synth Pop Girl because I absolutely adore Synth Pop Music. The beats take me back to my favorite decade ever, the 80’s! I was thinking about using Synth Pop for every speed art music video. I can listen to Synth Pop every day of the week. The finished design has lots of purple, pink and blue. In my opinion, the colors have an 80’s feel that I love.

The song I used in the music video is called When The Storm Came by Talk Less Say More. I think Matthew Jennings is simply awesome. I love almost every song on his Violent album. It definitely reminds me of the 80’s, Talking Heads in particular. As soon as I heard this song, I knew it would fit the design and my personality. I always try to find songs that match the colors of the design or my mood at the time.

Thanks so much for reading and visiting Beatnik83! I greatly appreciate it! ~ Katherine 😉

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