Nameless Dimension

I started this design on 7/14/14. I had a hard time with this design. There were several interruptions throughout making the design. I believe it completely thrown me off balance. I love to be completely focused on a design. I don’t move or take breaks even when I’m hungry or thirsty. I had to finish this design on 7/15. At the end, I am really happy where I ended up with the design. Maybe having a clear head on the second day helped me reached a nice balance.

I called this design Nameless Dimension because I had no clue what to title this design at first. I hope you can see that the main shape in the design is three dimensional.

I do you hope you love the video. The song I used is called Paris (Elite Athlete Remix) by Lasers. My favorite version is the Stereoboy Remix. It’s an awesome song. I do like the version in the video.

Thanks so much for visiting!

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