Square One Again….

It’s been a very long time. I lost the hosting for this website on stablehost. I couldn’t pay the bill. Before I lost it, I saved my posts on wordpress. You can still look at previous posts but I have to replace the images. That’s going to take a really long time. I am not sure if I’m going to do that. Now, I’m on fatcow. It’s cheaper than stablehost and I only had to pay fifty cents for the first month.

I didn’t want to come back until I could do this full time. At this point, I’m going to try again to make this work. Color is my true love. I tried so many things throughout the last four months. I looked for jobs, I tried doing freelance work online. I developed multiple sites online. It was truly endless. Nothing worked. I haven’t found a job and all the work I was doing online didn’t produce a decent income. I’m back at square one with more debt than ever.

At this point, I seriously don’t have anything to lose to by going back to color. I can still apply for jobs but I’m going to better manage my time. I wrote everything I need to do and will follow the list. If I have to spend all night then that’s what I have to do. If at the end this ultimately doesn’t work then I know I tried my best.

I’m going to be offering free art and making tons of videos. I am aiming to make a new design daily until August 1st. I also want to make weekly animation videos. I will be making small commercials as well. The commercials will focus on different shades of color.  I worked on a template. I just have to tweak it. I have a plan and if it doesn’t work well I just might permanently crack.

Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you like the upcoming designs.


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