Square One Music Video

I haven’t made a design in so long. It felt so good. So saccharine… I truly miss it. Playing with color, shapes, patterns, all that good stuff. It’s an amazing feeling for me. It’s like feeling a purely happy moment. Everything else blocks out. It’s awesome. To me… finding that sweet spot is what color is all about. To have that moment when you feel like you are a part of color.

I added a new intro. I hope you love it! For the design, I wanted to showcase blue. While I was making the design, I was seeing a lot of pink and I kept going in that direction. I wanted to post this video and post earlier. I finished the design before 5pm but I ran into video problems.

I am happy with the design. I feel good to be back. I am going to work harder and try to design daily. I want to thank you for visiting my site. It means a lot to me.

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