Cylinder is featured as design 55 at my Youtube channel: BeatnikBlends

I love red. It’s passionate, fiery, strong, and awesome! It’s my favorite color. I remember when I was a little girl, my mom made me a red lace dress. It had ruffles at the bottom and I loved wearing it. It was the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen and she made it just for me. That’s my first memory of red.

I really wanted to work with red in this design. I haven’t made any dominant red designs in a long time. I wanted to create something that was dark and piercing, an intense red. I love dark reds.

I didn’t run into any music video problems. No errors and no debut screen! I edited the video perfectly this time. I’m really sorry for the errors from previous videos.

I called this design cylinder because of the overall look of the 3d shape. I sketched multiple 3d shapes. While I was in paintshop, I was playing around with shapes using rotating mirror. In the end, I think the design looks like a cylinder to me, especially the middle. I love to mess around with the original sketch. It’s always a starting point.

Cylinder is part of my design challenge. Cool to start out this crazy challenge using a red design.

Tools: Pencil and Paintshop
Time to create: A little over 90 minutes.
Song in Video: Stars by Decktonic. You can download the song here.

Thanks so much for visiting Beatnik83. ~ Katherine

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