Silence The Madness!

Silence The Madness is featured as design 51 at my Youtube channel: BeatnikBlends

Silence the madness is based on trying to silence the craziness that was happening at the time of making this design. December has been a very tumultuous time for me. Every day has been constant stress. I wanted to take a break at the time to concentrate on color. I thought it would help and plus I didn’t want to stop exploring color blends despite going through a very tough time. Color is my primary focus every single day. There are endless blends to discover and my mission to discover as many as possible.

Primary colors in this design are yellow and white. I wanted to use these particular colors because while I was listening to a song on youtube, I saw a thumbnail that featured a light yellow hue. It almost looked like a smokey yellow or a fog yellow in a way. I was really intrigued by that color and I wanted to see if I can replicate that in Paintshop.

Tools: Pencil and Paintshop Pro
Design Time: About 90 minutes (Speed Run)
The song in the video featured in this video is called Black Lamp Subtune 1 (codename whistler) by Mahoney. You can download the song here.

Thanks so much for visiting Beatnik83. ~ Katherine 🙂

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