Pain Induced Symphony

February 9th, 2019 Update: I am adding designs and music videos made before this domain was bought in December 2013. Pain Induced Symphony was originally posted on August 29th, 2013. I had a different domain at that time called Unfortunately, I lost all written content for the blog. I did write a little bit about the design on my Youtube Channel. You can read more information about Pain Induced Symphony below. Thanks!

All week I’ve been suffering from severe stomach pain from food poisoning. I’m really surprised I’m able to create anything but I’m happy to have something up. 🙂

I wanted to create my own version of an abstract portrait. I know I sampled a face in the freaks video. In this design, I put a little more time into the drawing, trying to make it look 3d, and I used a filter in Paintshop to create the effect. I really like the effect and I might do more in the future.

Tools: Paintshop Pro and Pencil
Song in video: Owl Eyes by The Pop Winds

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