March 3rd, 2019 Update: I am adding designs and music videos made before this domain was bought in December 2013. Acrobatic was originally posted on January 17th, 2013. I had a different domain at that time called Unfortunately, I lost all written content for the blog. I did write a little bit about the design on my Youtube Channel. You can read more information about Acrobatic below. Thanks!

I am so happy to get to my 20th music video! I’m out of the teens! Feels awesome!! I hope you can see progression in my work. I hope you love the music! I am having a great time making these videos! It feels like the colors are becoming part of the beats.

I want to make 100’s of videos. I don’t ever want to stop doing this. I am sincerely grateful that you are watching my work. Thanks so much!

This year I am going to focus more on achieving the dream. I am going to work like crazy. Keep submerging the mind in color. My mind is strictly on Paris. I am standing by that through anything negative. Recently, I felt like I had to pass a test on my commitment to my dream. Even if bad things happen, I have to keep going without any signs of doubt or wear.

I think I did number 20 justice with this design. I work for beats and color. 🙂
I was trying to stray from purple but I really like the colors in this design. I made two versions of this design. The shapes look like rectangles doing a flip inside another shape. I made this 3d drawing about a month ago. I don’t remember what I was aiming for at the time. I had lots of fun with this one. 🙂

The song in this video is one of the hottest songs I found on Free Music Archive. The beats are insane! The song is called Sabrina by Buromaschinen.

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