March 3rd, 2019 Update: I am adding designs and music videos made before this domain was bought in December 2013. Canvas was originally posted on December 21st, 2012. I had a different domain at that time called Unfortunately, I lost all written content for the blog. I did write a little bit about the design on my Youtube Channel. You can read more information about Canvas below. Thanks!

I used geometric effects in this design. It was the first time I used the pentagon shape and I really love the colors in this design. I love experimenting with different shapes. It does diminish the shape of the traditional drawing but I really like the pentagon shape.

I’m not too happy with the video itself. I had to use a different computer and the video editing program on that computer is crap. I can’t afford to buy a better editor. I’m stuck with this until my computer starts working again or by some miracle I can buy a new computer.

The song used in this video is called Fade to White by Blackbird Blackbird.

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