Let’s Dance With Color

March 4th, 2019 Update: I am adding designs and music videos made before this domain was bought in December 2013. Let’s Dance With Color was originally posted on September 27th, 2012. I had a different domain at that time called katherinebarnett.me. Unfortunately, I lost all written content for the blog. I did write a little bit about the design on my Youtube Channel. You can read more information about Let’s Dance With Color below. Thanks!

I finished this design yesterday 9/26. I started the traditional drawing on September 25. The traditional drawing took me about three hours to complete. The digital process took a little over two hours to finish. I thought I was closer to the three hour marker but overall the complete design took 5 hours to finish. You can see the finished works at my gallery on deviant art.

I’m so happy to finally make another video! I had so many problems with Camstudio that I had to use another program to get the job done. I know it wasn’t really Camstudio. It was my computer not responding well with the program anymore. I’m going to try to record more videos.

I really hope you design. Right before I started the digital design, I went in a new direction with my traditional drawings. I created a 3d pattern that I was really eager to use in Paintshop. However, I didn’t want to waste this drawing, so I’m saying goodbye to my two dimensional work this design.

I really love art!!! You learn something new each day!

Important note: This video does not feature all of the finished designs I made for deviant art. I had to cut this video towards the end. The video is sped up by 4x and 5x but I still had to cut the video to fit the song. It’s hard to match the song length to the video. I’m sorry… 🙁 But you can see the majority of the creation process here.

The song used is called Elephant by Moana.

Tools: Oil Pastels for the Traditional Drawing and Paintshop Pro for the digital portion of this design.
I used Debut Screen Capture to record myself making the design. I used Windows Movie Maker to create the video.

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